Optima Cranberry 10,000 Complex+

Optima Cranberry 10,000 Complex+ - 30 VegCaps

Cranberry 10,000 Complex combines concentrated high strength Cranberry, equivalent to 10,000mg fresh berries, with Lingonberry (aka Mountain Cranberry); the only other berry to contain significant amounts of A-type PACs; both are natural sources of flavonoids. Our fruit extracts are standardized to ensure consistent levels of plants' pigments (anthocyanidins) that have antioxidant properties.
The cranberry juice is traditionally used to help maintain a healthy urinary tract as part of a healthy diet. Now with Alosorb® for enhanced absorption; a unique synergistic botanical based containing soothing Aloe Vera plus Parsley and Barley Grass; Food sources of various vital nutrients.